Joan Paüls is a young established film director with more than 10 years of experience who has worked and specialized in the craft of cinema completing a Master in Directing Fiction at Goldsmiths College of London and working for companies such as Somesuch, Magic Light Pictures, RCR Films or Harold Entertainment. He is working as a freelance director now and his short films have travelled around the world being nominated in more than 100 festivals and having more than 30 awards, with 5 different films awarded.

With his own production company, he has also opened his scope to the world of music videos going hand in hand with artists as Madison Mars, Crooked Colours, Joe Stone, Marsal Ventura, Jonas Wak, Carmen García, etc. and labels such Spinnin’ Records, Sony Music, Clipper’s Sounds, Atresmusic or Sweat It Out Music. He is now living in Los Angeles and share his work between California and Barcelona, focusing on the production of his first feature film to be shot in Hollywood.

Freelance Director, Writer and Project Manager.


+34 669425407 (ESP)