Meet Paüls on the LA Voyage

Joan Paüls has been featured in the magazine Voyage LA, one of the references in Hollywood panorama to discover new talent. He speaks out about his experience in Hollywood and his promising future.

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Classic Film Articles at the magazine ElCinefil!

Joan Paüls classic film article series of ‘Rediscovering Classic Cinema‘, will also be publish on the famous digital magazine El Cinèfil. That way, the articles will have their digital version with different picture, making it a different experience to read.

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Paüls makes himself into a film journalist

Joan Paüls will publish on the print edition of Diari de Terrassa a series of classic cinema articles in catalan called ‘Rediscovering Classic Cinema‘, where he will talk about the classic period of cinema between 1896 and 1960 with the main goal of getting young generations to discover and like a way of making films that is already forgotten.

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Paüls gets in the roster of CortosDeMetraje

Joan Paüls gets in the roster of Cortos de Metraje page, one of the best sites that publish exclusively short film content. Some of Paüls works will be shown on this site next to other big directors.

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A MasterClass in the prestigious ESCAC Cinema School

Director Paüls gives a MasterClass in the prestigious ESCAC Cinema School, the best film school in Spain and one of the bests in the world. He talk about cinema, short films, emotion and the figure of the director to the students of 1st grade.

ESCAC School

Joan Paüls, the young star, interviewed in National TV

Joan Paüls has been interviewed in the national TV throughout the whole country talking about the success of his short film ‘Ferides’, his career and his upcoming projects.

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Fotogramas report: ‘Ferides’ wins the VOC Awards and travels the country

Fotogramas, the number 1 film magazine in Spain, talks ‘Ferides’ wins the prestigious VOC Awards, one of the festivals thats celebrates Catalan Cinema and that has one of the biggest influence on the country as it’s organized by Omnium Cultural, the first cultural organization on Europe!

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Joan Paüls presents ‘The Disease’ at Terrassa Newspaper

Joan Paüls has been featured inside of a four pages report about Catalan Cinema where he explains, among other of his projects, his latest short film shot in Los Angeles and about to be released – if lucky – in Sundance 2020.

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Joan Paüls on the TIME OUT magazine!

Joan Paüls has been featured on full page on the international and prestigious Time Out magazine on the ‘I deserve it’ section. Don’t miss it!

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EL CINEFIL, the cinema magazine, interviews Paüls

Joan Paüls has been linked to the cinema world for quite a time now, along with his friend and partner J.A. Moreno. Both of them have a common goal: to go to Los Angeles to work on the film industry and produce his first feature film. ‘El Cinèfil’ wanted to know more about their adventure and their expectations.

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Cinema Club echoes Wounds release

Cinema Club TV Programme lead by Ricard Ribera informs and discusses the last short film directed by Joan Paüls, which will be shown at Cinema Catalunya in Barcelona the 12th of February.

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Autonomous University of Barcelona calls J. Paüls and J.A. Moreno

The exalumni Joan Paüls and J. A. Moreno have take action in the Open Doors Day at the UAB University in Barcelona, where thousand of students go to decide their future. Paüls promising cinema career since he finished his studies in 2015 has drawn attention to the faculty, who invited him to come and present his experience and achievements along with talking about his production company and the value of his studies, here and abroad.

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Release of ‘Wounds’, the last short film of Paüls

Barcelona will see the premiere of Wounds, at Cinema Catalunya, starring Mireia Vilapuig and Pau Escobar. A couple drama short around a blind girl. All the cast and the crew will be in the cinema and they will talk about the experience of the film. During the event, two other short films of Paüls will be screened:  Lucy and One Way Flight. Don’t miss this big little cinema night!

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Talking with Joan Paüls and J.A. Moreno

La Tarda and, a Catalan radio programme, interviewed on live the two directors Paüls and Moreno broadcasting all Catalonia. They spoke during 30 minutes about their imminent goal of doing cinema in America, the differences between the European/Spanish/Catalan cinema and the American one, and their upcoming first feature films.

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High School Master Class by Joan Paüls

Joan Paüls has been invited this next Thursday 1st of February to talk about cinema and music videos to the teenagers of IES Matadepera in Barcelona. Using his last music video, shot in the same high school, as a starting point to catch the young audience, he will introduce them the fabulous world of cinema to inspire the artistic part of the students from a young age.

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Joan Paüls will be at Gaudi Academy Awards!

The biggest night of Catalan cinema is here, and Paüls has been invited to take part in the X Gaudi Awards, where the Academy reward the best of the year on the CCIB Forum theatre the 28th of January. Celebrities, red carpet, champagne, gold figures… long life to Catalan cinema!

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Revolting Rhymes nominated for an Oscar!

The animated film Revolting Rhymes, which Paüls participated last year while he was working for the production company Magic Light Pictures, has been nominated for the 2018 edition of the Oscar awards. Very exciting news for Joan, who was a director and producer trainee during the production of the movie.

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Joan Paüls joins Revista Code as a writer

Click the link to read short articles that Joan writes about various topics.

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LINDA · Marsal Ventura’s new hit

Joan Paüls directs the last Marsal Ventura’s hit ‘Linda’.

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We interview the cinema director Joan Paüls. At the present date he has directed around ten shorts and participated in many more. This young catalan director now is living in London where he is working in his first feature film.

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Screening of the short ‘One Way Flight’ on Curzon Cinema under the programme ‘Who we are: short docs & dramas. Exploring selfhood’.

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Terrassa TV Channel interview Joan Paüls during the preproduction of the short film ‘One Way Flight’ and shares with it their crowdfunding campaign to fund the film.

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CINEVISTA · Short Film based on the Colombian tragedy

One Way Flight is the name of the short film elaborated by some students in London and based on a true Colombian story.

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Joan Paüls thinks big. Get to know him through this short interview!

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Badalona TV Report · ‘En el fondo del mar’

Report from Badalona TV about ‘En el fondo del mar’ short film where they interview the director Joan Paüls and the producer Carla Santaló and where you can see unshown images of the project.

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‘Detailed Date’, to the final · Llanterna Digital Awards Gala

The new Paüls’ short film «Detailed Date» (Cita al detall) makes it to the Awards Gala at Llanterna Digital Festival and aims for the biggest price. You can watch the Gala to know all the winners!

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Joan Paüls brings to the screen the story of Juan Antonio Bayona’s Goya award that ended up to the sea.

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This next Friday 17 of April 2015 the short film ‘At the bottom of the sea’ is released in a Theatre of Barcelona.

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LA VANGUARDIA · ‘En el fondo del mar’ Agenda

The theatre release of the short film ‘At the bottom of the sea’ will be held at Teatre Principal of Terrassa on May 17 of 2015.

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Terrassa is the city chosen to welcome the theatre release of Joan Paüls latest short film.

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Joan Paüls will collaborate hand in hand with the actor Nil Cardoner co-directing a short film called ‘A bench forever’ about friendship. The protagonist suffers from narcolepsy and is played by the talented Roger Princep. The short is creating big expectations in Catalunya because of the big names participating in it!

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Filmat Awards · ‘Beyond the window’ wins

Joan Paüls receives two different awards for his short film ‘Beyond the window’ in the Festival Filmat in Barcelona. The short wins the Best Short Film award and the Best Local Film award. From 17:30 minutes, you can watch the crew of the short getting the awards and Joan Paüls’ speech (catalan language).

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‘Detailed Date’ wins the Best Short Film Award!

The short film «Detailed Date» (Cita al detall) wins at Jornades Zero Festival in Spain over more than 200 hundred films as Best Short Film of the festival. The jury said it is one of the most original films it has ever been on Zero. Watch a recap video of the festival!

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Radio Flaixbac plays Joan’s music video on prime time!

Radio Flaixbac is the broadcaster number 1 every morning in Catalonia with their programme ‘El mati i la mare que el va parir’ (‘Damn you morning’) and they talked about the first music video that Paüls directed, playing parts of the song, on the pick audience point.

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Terrassa TV «Som Aquí» · El Regalo

Interview with Joan Paüls and J.A. Moreno about “The Gift” short film.

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